The single worst thing that can happen to a hydraulic press happens when the cylinders and electric components are overused an abused.  The press has stopped coming down to a repeatable depth.  The electrical system keeps shorting out.  So much fluid is leaking from the power unit onto the material that the part is unacceptable.  Continuing to run the hydraulic press beyond its capability can destroy crucial components.

If after a thorough inspection the machine frame is found to be in good condition with no cracks, it makes good financial sense to upgrade the hydraulic and electrical components.

Most problems with cylinders can be fixed with adjustments and part replacements but some circumstances warrant that the existing press hydraulic system be rebuilt.

After prolonged use, the electrical system often contains obsolete components or disorders in the layout or configuration due to alterations.  Even though costly, the most consistently updated component is the HMI.

To be cost effective, an upgrade of a hydraulic press should cost no more than 65% of the cost of a replacement.  The auxiliary costs of an upgrade are usually only freight and installation.

All-States Machine Repair takes a different approach than the OEM providers to determine the problem, cause and repair strategy of the machine.  Most times an inspection is required to get a good understanding of the root cause and develop a repair plan.  Your cost is reduced by repair of as many components as possible.  All-States Machine Repair technicians have the knowledge to reproduce or repair/rebuild the components to the correct specifications.

When you are ready to restore your hydraulic press to optimum production check out All-States Machine Repair at or call Duane at (319) 553-0188 OR Jim Williams, All-States Machine Repair at (219)816-1264.