By networking with our many specialists, Carlson Machinery can also provide its customers the best source for large specialized and hard-to-find quality preowned and/or remanufactured machinery, such as:

  • CNC Lathes and Machining Centers
  • Coil Handling Equipment
  • EDMs
  • Furnaces and Ovens
  • Grinders (CNC & Manual)
  • CMMs
  • Paint and Powder Systems
  • Plasma Cutters/Punches
  • Press Bakes
  • Routers (CNC)
  • Stamping Presses (Mechanical, Forging & Hydraulic)
  • Shears
  • Surface Plates
  • Tooling and Accessories
  • Welding Manipulators, Positioners and Turning Rolls
  • Woodworking Equipment

All-States Machine Repair specializes in press performance, servicing all models, types, and brands of metal stamping, hydraulic and forging presses.  Their technicians have been OEM-trained to perform press evaluations/inspections, maintenance, repair, upkeep, and partial rebuilds. Also, customers have relied on All-States Machine Repair to provide total or partial rebuilds of precision grinders, milling machines, lathes and fabrication equipment of all types.

All-States Machine Repair  provides service on all industrial metalworking equipment in the field, in their repair facility or in one of many large bays available for big press components if major upgrades or rebuilding is in order. They operate a full service machine shop to fabricate, redesign, reverse engineer or machine new components on any metal working equipment as needed. Difficult to find replacement components can be reproduced in a cost effective timely manner if required to return your machinery to production.

Professional Engineering Services are also available for design review and evaluation functions as well as Industrial Training in Preventative Maintenance Programs.

All-States Machine Repair understands that downtime costs money and they strive to get your equipment back in service as soon as possible.  They offer fast, efficient service to reduce costly downtime.

Call Jim Williams (219) 816-1264 or Duane Carlson (319) 553-0188 to find out how they do what no-one else can.

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Atrump offers Manual Knee Mills, CNC Knee Mills, CNC Bed Mills, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, Double Column Machining Centers, Manual lathes, CNC Lathes, Manual and CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders.

All of our CNC Machines are stocked with the American Made, Centroid CNC Control (www.centroidcnc.com) but can also be obtained with a Fanuc or other control. All of our machines, with CNC Control or Manual are supported by our over 70 Sales and Service dealers across the USA, Canada and Mexico to Train, set-up and support your new machine and existing Atrump made/sold machines. We stock an over 2 Million dollar parts inventory and have parts available for all past machines sold by Atrump going back to the first one in 1989 and even back into the 1970’s for Extron sold machines.

When you need additional and/or replacement CNC equipment in your facility, Carlson Machinery would appreciate the opportunity to to share with you how Atrump could fulfill your requirements for dependable high quality equipment at a price better than any of their competitors.

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made-in-usaSince 1966, CHS Automation has been assisting the metal forming industry by providing a productive edge in press room operations. CHS Automation is well-qualified to design and build highly automated coil processing systems to meet your requirements.  If you are considering a feedline upgrade, CHS is able to offer an arrangement unique in the market. CHS routinely takes equipment in on trade for their new servo systems which makes an upgrade  more affordable.  Contact Carlson Machinery for more details about CHS Automation’s  complete coil handling systems, “servo roll feeds” coil reels/un-coilers, and coil straighteners.

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In the past thirty years controls have gone through tremendous changes and improvements while the design of press feeds have stayed relatively the same. As older control systems begin to become obsolete, downtime for these repairs and replacement parts increase. Servo controls retrofitting provides the latest servo technology in conjunction with existing roll feeds. Benefits include improved job set up times, increased production rates, part accuracy and serviceability.

Pneumatic Feed Service has become the industry leader in servo control upgrades, performing more retrofit installations than all other companies in the industry combined. Universal controls such as Allen-Bradley by Rockwell Automation are adaptable to most makes and models of roll feeds. This smart system requires no auxiliary software as all parameters are programmed through the standard HMI. In summary: New servo controls are more accurate, efficient, and have features that bring versatility to your press room, resulting in increased production and minimized downtime.

Whether your project is large or small, Pneumatic Feed Service has the capacity to handle it all. Reconditioned machines from inventory or complete rebuilding services of your older equipment with loaner units available to keep you up and running during the process.

Carlson Machinery can thoroughly analyze your current needs and future possibilities, and answer any additional questions you may have about how this may apply to your pressroom.

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made-in-usaCustom Conveyor & Equipment Corporation is a manufacturer of specialty conveyors, equipment, and glass crushing units for various industries such as agriculture, automotive, warehousing, food processing, etc.  Products are custom designed based on your specifications. Every machine is built from the ground up – from conceptualization to completed product – working with your engineering or maintenance staff.

Call Duane Carlson to invite Custom Conveyor & Equipment Corporation to examine your application, work with you to determine the best solution, then manufacture to your specifications. The process is thorough and results in a quality piece of equipment.

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Owned by CIT Bank, Direct Capital is a trusted finance company within the commercial machinery industry. Partnered with Carlson Machinery, Direct Capital’s speed and convenience make financing a convenient payment option for all machinery and equipment purchases. With flexible lease terms and customized finance programs Direct Capital focuses on providing the most remarkable customer experience possible. Commercial financing enables businesses to access the equipment they need to be competitive, without affecting personal bank or credit lines.

To submit an online application click on the Direct Capital logo above.

The FACCIN product range represents what is considered among the most technologically advanced bending rolls for the plate and profiles available today worldwide, manufacturing a complete line of bending rolls. Products include plate and angle rolls, as well as dishing and flanging machines and specialty rolling equipment.

The company was founded in the 1960’s, soon specializing in the manufacture of heavy duty bending rolls. A remarkable tendency towards technological innovation and continuous investment in research and development, rapidly brought FACCIN the reputation for offering outstanding quality, reliability and state of the art rolling solutions, and in a short time became the reference point for rolling technology.

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made-in-usaHeim/Rousselle presses are available from 15-1000 tons and have been an industry standard for over 65 years with more than 55,000 units in use worldwide.  The Heim Group has earned a solid reputation for engineering stamping presses that are dependable, affordable and built to last.  Entirely designed, engineered and built in America, Heim presses are backed by a 24-hour phone support for parts and service and a nationwide dealer network of which Carlson Machinery is a part.

Allow Carlson Machinery to help you explore the extensive line and you’ll find there’s a Heim or Rousselle Press for practically every need.  Remanufacturing and application-specific custom designs, too.   Visit www.theheimgroup.com today for the whole story!

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made-in-usaKoike-Aronson, Inc. has a wide variety of cutting solutions available to meet worldwide high demands for cutting steel and other types of material affordable for all budgets.

Koike Aronson, Inc. manufactures CNC plasma, oxy-fuel, laser & waterjet cutting machines, welding positioners, portable cutting/welding machines and gas apparatus. Most machines are customized to fit your application needs.

Koike-Aronson also offers Rebuilds and Retrofits usually applicable to their welding positioners product line. Customers utilize this type of modification for their equipment when they are not ready for a new positioner, their current positioner is worn out, or their parts demand more versatility.

For more details about how Koike-Aronson can fit your specific needs, contact Carlson Machinery at 319-553-0188 today.

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Radan is the Total CAD/CAM Solution for the Sheet Metal Industry.  Radan offers a comprehensive and integrated product set that covers the complete programming process of geometry creation, nesting, cut path profiling, sequencing, code generation and DNC connectivity to drive laser and plasma machine tools.  Their strength is in providing world class innovative solutions that give you the software applications that are essential to design, manufacturing and control production of sheet metal components and products.

Please call Carlson Machinery at 1-319-553-0188 to discuss how Radan’s flexible solutions can help you realize true return on your investment by reducing inventory and increasing material utilization.

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Versatile, reliable, economical is what the RMT press is all about. Whether used as a stand-alone unit or as a part of an automated production line, the RMT Press can be used for many applications. Punching, coining, swaging, blanking, cutting and assembly are all easily done on the fully pneumatic RMT Press. Ease of use and the savings of air, the RMT Press brings big power to your production needs.

Ten rugged models from 3 ton to 24 ton assures a press that’s right for your every application.

Carlson Machinery has experience with some rather innovative applications using the RMT.

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made-in-usaScotchman Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment, accessories, and custom tools. Scotchman has been the preferred solution for nearly half a century for general to heavy-duty metal fabrication for farm use, shipbuilding, technical schools, the U.S. military, Fortune 500 companies, and the one-man hobby garage shop.

warranty-sealThe Scotchman Ironworker is synonymous with quality machinery offering 13 models of hydraulic ironworkers, ranging from 45 to 150 tons, in three distinct styles.

Along with the complete line of hydraulic ironworkers, Scotchman Industries offers a full line of manual to fully-automatic Circular Cold Saws, including designs for ferrous and nonferrous applications.

All products are designed to increase production, accuracy and efficiency and come with a Best-in-the-Business 3-year warranty.

Call Carlson Machinery at 1-319-553-0188 to arrange for Scotchman to set up a Mobile On-site Product Demo at your worksite!

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made-in-usaSpecific Press Brake Dies provides Standard style, European-style and Custom Configured Press Brake Tooling featuring:

  • Longest capacity machining capability in the industry
  • Utilizes their own patented Compensating Deflection Die Holder
  • Full reconditioning services of existing press brake tooling
  • Custom Brake Press Tooling & Brake Press Dies
  • Patented Die Lifters allowing easy roll press brake dies out of press brakes

Let Carlson Machinery show you how Specific Press Brake Dies can enable you to make the most of your investment in existing tooling.

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Stamtec is one of the most prominent and proven press manufacturers in the world.  Stamtec presses are acknowledged worldwide throughout the metal stamping industry for quality, reliability and proven performance.  Whether you are looking for a Gap Frame Press, a Straight Side Press, a Forging Press or  a single stand-alone hydraulic press or a full plant robotic integration, Stamtec can help your business grow and succeed.

Carlson Machinery is available to help you evaluate a well-built, high-performance Stamtec machine.

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Unist manufactures coil and sheet fed lubrication systems. All of their Uni-Roller systems incorporate a patented internally fed roller design, which is a key component to uniform and efficient fluid application of your stock. They have solutions for applications from punching, stamping, roll forming, fine blanking, deep drawing and many other applications.  Each solution will result in decreased fluid usage, clean & safer shops/floors, and improved die life. Carlson Machinery provides installation and service on Unist systems.

made-in-usaWellsaw manufactures a full line of high quality metal cutting bandsaws with features and construction that ensure accurate cutting, ease of operation and long service life.

Their machines are built to the highest standards from domestic components to ensure peak performance for many years. Wellsaw is famous for building machines that cut straight and last for ages.

All Wellsaw saws are made at their factory in Southwestern Michigan. This means you get immediate support, both with service parts and technical assistance. They carry a full inventory of parts for models built since 1933 and most orders will ship the same day they are received. To inquire about special 10% discount on Wellsaw parts, click here and complete your parts request.

When you buy a Wellsaw you’ll enjoy years of trouble free, accurate cutting.

Check out their full line of high quality metal cutting bandsaws with Carlson Machinery or feel free to contact Greg Spicer at the factory 1-269-345-1132. Greg knows bandsawing and knows how to help.


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